Helios Rising: Artemis vs. Apollo Contest Winner!

The short story Helios Rising, by Tristin Weber, won the Artemis vs. Apollo contest. I love the way Artemis and Apollo are both in their elements, separate but equally powerful. And equally threatening in a subtle way. I also like the main [...]

Artemis vs. Apollo Writing Contest Winner!

  Thanks to everyone who entered the Artemis vs. Apollo short story contest! I really enjoyed reading all of your stories, and I’m so happy to say that there’s a winner—Tristin Weber won $100 for the story [...]

The Cassandra Contest! Write a Mythic Short Story & Win $100

The Contest: Write a 5,000 word or less short story about the archetype below. Deadline: June 30, 2016, by midnight Entry fee: FREE! Prize: $100 Visa eCard * You probably already know the story of Cassandra. It’s one [...]

It’s OK to be Awkward (when Talking to a John)

If you’re not following this series, here’s a quick recap: My boss Caroline was an escort and I was her personal assistant. She used to send me out shopping or running errands when she was with clients. This is the story of one [...]

Jane Austen & Alexander McQueen: A Gallery of Classic & Couture

The Gallery Santa Fe Drive is Denver’s Art District. The first Friday of every month, the entire street is a riot. That’s First Friday Art Walk. It’s one of those events where the entire street is a party. Every gallery has [...]

Apollo & Artemis Archetypes: How the Wounded Twins Cause Relationship Difficulties

Apollo and Artemis are the twins of Olympus. Apollo is the god of logic, law, and order. He is the god of light, learning, culture, structure. Apollo represents the power of the intellect to shape reality. He’s the god of the sun, too. Artemis [...]

Severence: An Apollo Archetype Parable

This is a parable based on the Apollo archetype—the logical, intellectual, scientific aspect of consciousness. SEVERENCE Once upon a time, there was a Scientist who achieved many brilliant discoveries in the fields of medicine, physics, [...]

Turn Your Short Story into a Short Film

Part 1: How to Choose a Short Story to Adapt into a Short Film   Writers are often versatile with the way they use words and the way they tell stories. Take me, for instance. I’m a ghostwriter, copywriter, essayist, editor, novelist, [...]

Persephone: Mythic Writing Contest Honorable Mention!

KM Herbeck’s story was an honorable mention for the short story contest “Persephone is a Badass!” The theme was about how Persephone is a badass, and KM’s story illustrates it well while also showing the archetype’s [...]

Persephone is a Badass: Writing Contest Winner!

  This story by Keegan Cassady won the Persephone is a Badass short story contest at Mythraeum. I loved the way he took the idea of abduction (or an attempted abduction), and turned it into a study on Persephone herself [...]