The Lens of Opportunity that Illness Offers

By KM Huber It may be that we look through the wrong lens when it comes to illness and disease. We zoom in on illness to label it for further study. We examine all of its characteristics closely, sometimes so much so that we become our illness [...]

There Are No Maps in the Land of the Mind-Body

By KM Huber For the last two-and-a-half months, I have been on a healthcare expedition, an exploration of the continent that is my mind-body. There is no map for this type of expedition, not that I am one for maps. They are so…directional. A [...]

Stitches in Time: A Tapestry of Life

By KM Huber Every moment we are alive is a stitch in the tapestry of our life. Each stitch is an integral part of the series of scenes that make up the fabric of a lifetime. For as long as we live, this rich and precious fabric—our past—is [...]