He Caught a Child Predator…and is Being Sued for It?


image from Anxiety War and GoFundMe

I used to write about human trafficking and sexual predators a lot on Social In, and have since moved on to other topics. Doing so much research and writing on such a heavy topic just took such a toll on my heart that I couldn’t do it anymore. But that doesn’t mean I don’t still get involved when I can.

That’s why I’m so grateful for people like Zach.

Zach has a website and YouTube channel called AnxietyWar. He poses as underage girls and boys online (9th grade girls, 13-year-old boys, etc.) in order to trap sexual predators. As he says on his website:

“Of course I could write an essay detailing how online predators should be stopped, imprisoned, helped, how victims shouldn’t be to blame, how victims need more support, how we should get to these predators before there are real or more victims, how this issue should be taken more seriously, how tricky these predators can be and how everyone — especially parents and their children — should understand the realities of adults meeting kids online for sex, but I believe there is a lack of realism and conveyance in simply telling you this happens.

“That’s why I show you.

“It’s working.”

It IS working. Zach has trapped multiple predators, gives the information to the authorities, and lets them take care of the rest. Zach makes no money off his work, and has consistently refused donations in the past.

So recently, one of the predators he caught, a 29-year-old man looking to meet up and have “oral, vaginal, and anal” sex with a 15-year-old girl (who was actually Zach), has sued Zach for slander and defamation.

This jackass claims that he never intended to actually have sex with the minor when he met up with her. He only intended to meet her and educate her about the dangerous situation she was involved in. You can watch the whole video of Zach confronting him here.

So now Zach is being sued. And he can’t afford a lawyer.

“Despite my strong defenses, I’m greatly disadvantaged. I’ve been representing myself in the few weeks this lawsuit has been going on so far and I have realized that Michigan law in civil court procedure is way over my head. The judge denied my motion to delay this civil case until the resolution of the Plaintiff’s criminal case and warned me that if I mess up like violate a court rule, the court will impose sanctions on me. That means I could be ordered to pay money on some technicality, me having no legal knowledge or experience to know any better as there is way too much substance for someone like myself to learn in such little time.”

You guys, this isn’t right.

How is this even a thing that can happen in our world?

Fortunately, Zach’s got a GoFundMe page raising money for a good lawyer. As I’m writing this (6/21) he’s raised over $15,000—and that’s in the first day of his campaign! He’s going to need a lot more, though. And there’s no telling how long this case will stretch on and what fees will crop up.

So if you feel called, GOFUND ZACH! Even $5 makes a difference.

Thanks Social In crowd! 🙂


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